Friday, 11 March 2016

More Epic Land Raiders

I painted up another four Land Raider Proteus' to add to the slowly growing vehicle pool of my epic Death Guard force.

This will let me field two formations of four in Epic Armageddon games, and allow me to take a terminator company in NetEpic games. In heresy EA games these can be used as land raider detachments, or as heavy transport options for my Terminators and Infantry.
When fielding a NetEpic terminator company (and in other versions too I suppose) one of the tanks will be the transport for the company HQ, so I painted one of them up in a different scheme to help it stand out. I based this on the Forgeworld land raider paint scheme in Betrayal, with a big green stripe down the side. I think that this scheme is probably better suited to the Phobos, but it serves purpose here.

Other notable differences with this formation are the doors, which have been painted green. I did this for two reasons, to differentiate the formation from the other one, and to match one of my 28mm Land Raiders, Infectus Rex, which is painted like this.

Otherwise these tanks are pretty similar to the previous formation that I did, with rusty tracks, oldschool red guns, and a heavy brown wash to weather them up a little. As always, legion markings are absent. I may add them at a later date, but will see what transfer options I have available before I do.
I am thinking that I might add another two Proteus' to this army, to bring me up to a full company of ten. This will allow me to field them in NetEpic as a Land Raider company, not just as terminator transports, but it isn't really a high priority to be honest. I still have terminators, destroyers and a certain primarch to paint up before I look at adding more of these.
But for now they are done, another group of old models given a new lease on life.

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