Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Undead Samurai Chi

Another undead samurai from the dark depths of 1985, this one didn't need paint stripping, so was the next choice to paint! I decided to paint him up using warm colours, the same as the other two, as I thought that looked ok. I'm slowly settling on a theme for these, with a brown basecoat, and black and red armour. Chi is armed with a yari (straight bladed spear), which I've added some spot orange and yellow rust to.

Unlike the other two I've painted, Chi has skillfully managed to retain some of his flesh. I painted this grey, highlighted it with light green, and added a purple wash in places to help it look a little bit bruised and organic. It has probably been through a bit after all!
The armour is painted black, with a light brushing of grey to make it look more worn, before doing some red highlights and a brown wash.
I wasn't sure what colour to do the hair, initially thinking black. But in the end I went with brown, as I thought that the overall unit would look better with a mix of black and brown hair. I might change my mind on this, but I think it looks ok.

The shaft of the yari is a little wobbly after a few decades in the lead pile. I thought I might be able to disguise this by painting it black, but in the end I went with brown. I really want to limit black to the armour of this unit to emphasise that it's there.
The bases are just my standard pattern. Still round at this stage!
I can always make a movement tray down the track if I want to put them into a more traditional unit.
But another dead walks, bring the mighty undead horde up to three members!

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