Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Epic Vindicators

I painted up these vindicators quite a while go but realised that I haven't posted any pictures of them here. These models are based on the current 28mm scale 30k vindicator, and are a handy unit to have in a Death Guard army like mine that dabbles in both the 30k and 40k versions of the game.
I painted them up in my standard scheme of browns layered up to white, with rusty bits, weathering and the general look of a vehicle exposed to NBC warfare.
I continued my tradition of painting some red on the guns, in true oldschool GW style. A splash of green helps to identify them as Death Guard as I haven't put any transfers on them yet.
Like all of my vehicles that are this size I have based them on 33mm washers, which I stick to magnetic sheeting for transporting. You can also see there is a nice panel on the side that really needs a legion symbol on it. I hope to get to that one day...
Since these pictures were taken I have added another two, so I've got a total of six to play with, which is a pretty handy formation. 
These are quite a characterful addition to a Death Guard army. In the forgeworld book Betrayal the Death Guard are described as using plenty of vindicators, fellblades and dreadnoughts, so it's good to have some of them in the army.

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