Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Red Platoon Medic

Pict capture of second platoon medic from the 9th Necromundan "Death Blades" F Company. Medics such as these are assigned to the command sections of infantry platoons to improve guardsmen morale, and occasionally reduce battlefield casualties. They are typically found where the fighting is thickest, and this individual has obtained a non standard dueling chain sabre to assist with close quarters engagements and battlefield amputations.
Within the Death Blades medics such as these act as unofficial distributors of combat stimms and other chemical agents, going to great lengths to ensure that supply and distribution within the regiment remains constant. This earns them a certain amount of authority and respect within the regiment, and the position is highly sought after should vacancies arise. Internal disputes with medics are rare, so most vacancies are a result of battlefield attrition or, on occasion, incapacitation due to prolonged substance abuse.

So I finally got around to painting up the medic for red platoon. He must have been sitting in a drawer, taunting me with his shiny silver finish for at least a year.
I wasn't sure if I'd attach him to red or green platoon, but went with red in the end, purely for the reason that I haven't made the green platoon command squad yet. So the red command section is now officially complete if I ever want to field a Rogue Trader army. Hooray!
I painted this chap up in standard Death Blades colours, and kept the medikit fairly practical and chunky looking. I think in the rogue trader compendium list medics had bio sensors and other high tech equipment, so the backpack isn't just a medipack so I figured it would look fairly metallic and utilitarian.
I had this old chainsword lying around after removing it from one of my commissar conversions (it's from the old Valhallan lieutenant model). It is quite big when compared to other chainswords in this army, but not overly so. It is pretty close in size to the lieutenant's chainsword, so it seemed reasonable to put it on this chap. I decided not to give it hazard stripes like some of the officer's chainswords, as I didn't really want this guy to be confused for the red platoon lieutenant (who doesn't have a chainsword).
So another model is complete. I really should get around to taking a group shot of the platoon one of these days.

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