Monday, 9 May 2016

The Pale King

The Primarch Mortarion the Reaper, The Pale King, and two members of the Deathshroud.

So it's been a long time coming, but I've finally finished my Legion terminators for the Death Guard. And as a reward I painted up Mortarion, who I'd been saving for the occasion.
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a fan-made Mortarion model and the Deathshroud Terminators a little while ago. I had enough to do eight bases in total, including the Primarch, and can add in some magnetised characters too.
I added a few little splashes of yellow and orange to the rusty bits to help him stand out, as there was a it more rusty metal than usual on this model. Given his size it wasn't totally necessary, but does help to draw attention to him in a crowd.

Above you can see him in a detachment of Deathshroud. I had carefully calculated the exact number of models I needed when I got them, but then I went and added two to his base, because it seemed fluffy (and in Epic Armageddon games an infantry base needs to have a minimum of three modes). This meant that I had a gap on one of the bases, so I needed a model that could count as some type of veteran sergeant, or as a character. I painted up a champion model, but didn't give him too much blue, so that base he is magnetised onto can be a standard Deathshroud base or one with a character.
In Mortarion's formation there is no character upgrade option for example. So in that case the base will be a normal Deathshroud base.

Here you can see all eight Deathshroud bases, including their boss. They are typically going to be fielded in two formations of four in 30k EA games, but I have plenty of options with this amount of bases. In 40k EA games they can be mix-and-matched in with the Grave Wardens to have a nice combination of firefight and close combat ability. In NetEpic games they can probably count as close combat terminators using the standard marine list. I still need to add a transfer to the banner, but that can happen down the track.

And here you can see all sixteen bases of Grave Wardens and Deathshroud, along with attached characters. The pride of the Legion!

I am a little light on transport options for these at the moment, so that might be a future project. I have a total of eight land raiders, but I would like to get a couple of Spartans, a couple of Caestus Assault Rams, and a couple of Storm Eagles. This should give me quite a few choices so is something that I will look at getting in the future!
But for now the terminators and their Primarch are complete and ready to use. Ready to unleash chemical warfare on a battlefield near you!.

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