Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Green Platoon

Pict capture of elements of the 9th Necromundan F company 3rd platoon, including members of the command section, notably the OiC Lt. Burr and platoon medic.
These troops have been configured for rapid deployment with fully enclosed helmets, and carapace body armour.
Grav chutes appear to have been discarded, which is a common practice amongst units deploying behind enemy lines. The guardsmen are armed with lightweight Ryza pattern lasguns, which appear to have been dramatically overcharged as indicated by the glowing transfer coils underneath the weapons. Unsanctioned modifications such as this render the weapons much more effective, but at a reduced range and increased wear on components, in addition to the higher likelihood of critical malfunction.

It's been a long time coming in getting these models painted! They have been sitting in the top drawer as a high priority for at least a year, after who knows how long in storage in a cardboard box.

There are a couple of reasons for this, I wasn't sure about what weapons to give them, I didn't have enough models for a full platoon, I wanted other models in the list done more. All sorts of things.

In the end I just said "Enough!" and got them done. So Hooray! They are done! (well, sort of).

The keen eyed among you will notice that they are made up of old rogue trader plastic models, with a couple of ring in's. Most of the arms are cadian plastic arms, that look nice and carapace-armourey with their bigger pauldrons, and cadian (or catachan) plastic breathing masks (I can't remember which). There is one vox operator with a cadian head, and almost all of the troopers have catachan plastic backpacks.
There is a distinct lack of special weapons, as the troopers are going to probably be used in 30k games in the near future as some Solar Auxilia Veletaris proxies. I will add some magnetised weapon options (two troopers who can be armed with either plasma or melta) down the track.

The weapons on the lieutennant are magnetic however, and I have modelled him up a couple of options for me to muck around with as the mood takes me.
These include a stylish power fist and plasma pistol option for hurting things in armour;

a more defensive shield to represent a refractor field, power shield or just the fact that he's bad ass, 
and a mighty bolt pistol (not shown) for showy show-ness (and if I just have two points left to spend).

I also modelled a medic up out of cadian plastic legs and torso, Tempestus Scions medic arms, and an old plastic guardsmen head with the hair shaved off. This guy brings F companies combat drug medic distribution ring compliment up to three.

The sergeant is just a standard metal sergeant from the 80's. I added a plastic mask, and a shoulder pauldron from my bits box to his metal arm, as well as a plastic cadian laspistol arm. The chainsword is painted a nice sneaky black colour, so he can sneak up on people in the darkness before turning it on and gunning it to full revs before hitting them unexpectedly from the shadows (provided they are deaf).

The troopers have deliberately been painted without any flesh showing, representing the fact that they are more of an elite unit than the guardsmen that they fight alongside. I simply painted the hands black, only used helmetted, goggled heads, and added the breathing mask bits to cover the face. I was a couple of breathing masks short, so used a cadian vox head on the vox operator, as well as the bare head on the medic for character and to help him stand out to enemy sniper weapons.
In the end I decided to give my stormtrooper/assault squad/veletaris storm unit lasguns. It was a long, convoluted journey, as I wanted a weapon that could represent a hot shot lasgun/pair of laspistols/volkite weapon, depending on the version of the game that I was playing. I had initially thought a cut down catachan carbine would be a good idea, plus a ton of shields like the lieutenant has further up.

In the end I decided that the old lasguns that came with the original models would do, so went with them. I painted the bumpy bit on the bottom of the gun blue (like I do with my plasma guns) to represent the fact that they aren't standard lasguns, and called it a day.
It is a little bit of a stretch to imagine that it represents a pair of laspistols or a volkite charger, but it is different enough to the regular lasguns in the army that it shouldn't be an issue.

Here you can see the ten man squad without the hangers-on. Fully drugged up and ready to wreck face in the name of the beneficent emperor of mankind. 
Fun times ahead :).

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