Friday, 20 May 2016

Death Guard Objectives

I decided to use some of my spare epic models to make up some objective markers for games that use my Death Guard. These were fairly simple to do, and is probably something that I will repeat for all of my other epic armies.

The first one is a mobile command point, with two officers in the foreground discussing tactics, and overseeing the battle as a whole. I added a radar dish (made from half a gun shield from a 28mm imperial guard autocannon) to the rhino so it can represent a Damocles Command Rhino, The land raider proteus seemed fitting to be in the command group too, with it's sensor array allowing more data to be collected. This objective will represent a blitzkrieg objective in games of Epic Armageddon, as it will be best suited to being placed in my own deployment area. The small rock at the back of the objective can be placed touching my table edge, and represents the point where the blitzkrieg objective is measured from.

The second objective marker shows a discussion between a Death Guard officer, and an Imperial Guard (or Imperial Militia or Solar Auxilia) officer with suspect loyalties. The alpha legion may not be the only legion to obtain intelligence in this manner. They have met in no man's land, where the Death Guard officer is obtaining valuable intelligence about the enemy army composition, it's defences, and who knows what else. Can the Death Guard learn this information in time, or will the enemy show up and prevent it from happening?

The Death Guard officer is placed centrally on this objective, and represents the point where the objective is measured from.

A Death Guard land raider had been operating behind enemy lines and was disabled by artillery fire when sighted speeding back towards it's own lines. What vital piece of intelligence was it carrying that would cause the crew to break cover and make a break for safety? Whatever it is, it mustn't fall into Death Guard hands, and must be secured at all costs.

The access door on the side of the land raider is located centrally on this marker, and represents the point where the objective is measured from.

So that's it for my three Death Guard objectives. They should ad a little bit of narrative and character to my games of Epic.

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