Saturday, 7 May 2016

Odium Aeternum Walks!

The heaviest titan yet sighted in Battlegroup Infidel, the Legio Mortis warlord Titan Odium Aeternum has been fighting alongside the XIVth Legion since the great crusade.
Like other titans in the battlegroup, it shows a high level of superficial damage from prolonged deployments in hostile war zones, yet remains fully combat effective. 
I've had this old Warlord since I first bought the Space Marine boxed set back in 1990. It has always been deployed alongside my chaos troops, and was devoted to nurgle back in the day.
Originally I had it in a matte black finish, with silver trim and rust effects from a wash of highly thinned brown enamel paint. I gave it a big nurgly banner (seen further below) and added it in as a support card for the Daemon Prince Mortarion. The weapons that you see here are the original ones that came with it in the box, but I have others that I can swap out as I please.
The colours now are based on a mix of the old Death's Head colours from Adeptus Titanicus (black with red trim) and the more contemporary ones from Forgeworld's Book 1 Betrayal (black with red and white stripes and cheques).
Like the other titans of Battlegroup Infidel I have restricted red to the trim and weapons, with the stripes and cheques being white.
I've added a few spot colours of aggressive looking rust to help add a bit of interest to the models, and make them look like they have seen a fair bit of action.
I resisted the temptation to add a heap of blood splatter to the chain fist, as I thought it would look a bit too over the top, and add too much red.

I painted the head white, and added an "Eye of Horus" marking to the eye to make it look that little bit more like a traitor titan.

I was going to scrape the Imperial Aquilla symbol off the top of the carapace, but instead decided that, rather than irreversibly deface this old model, I would just paint a hastily added looking eye symbol over the aquilla, to assist with the "we've turned traitor" look.

Way back when I added a big inspiring banner to it, that I copied from one of the Chaos Reward cards that came in the Renegades boxed set. It is just a freehand sketch with an ink pen, finished with watered down acryllic paints. I later added a bit of battle damage to it, and weathered it further with some brown inks. The warlord titan model came with two heads too, so I added the spare to the banner pole, and gave it a Legio Ignatum colour scheme to foster the hatred between the two.
So that's it for the titans of Infidel. Odium Aeternum is ready to unleash it's hatred on the forces of the Imperium once again!


  1. Even though I never played epic, I still reckon these Titans look the best. Even better than the newer one's! I think it's the back plate armour & the rudimentary design of the rest of it that clinches it for me. The newer incarnations are way too polished for my liking. Nostalgia can be a major influence on taste I admit :)

    Top job on the re-paint, he looks like he just walked off the pages of Eavy Metal. Well done man :)

  2. Cheers mate. Most of my models tend to be "nostalgia" themed, and I try to stick to the theme for the group, army, squadron or whatever. These older titans should all look pretty cohesive in their oldschool styling and rusty paint jobs, even though they aren't particularly fantastic on their own. I appreciate the comments. Cheers!