Saturday, 23 April 2016

Legio Ignatum Warhound Praedetor.

Praedetor is one of the few Titans currently fighting as part of the 22nd army group. The Titans pledged to the 22nd were committed to the force when Legio Ignatum learned that they were potentially going to face elements of their hated enemies Legio Mortis.
Consequently the Legio Ignatum Titans like Praedetor were armed by their masters with weapons suitable for combating enemy war engines, ensuring that they execute their own internal mandate and are not distracted by lesser foes.

Praedetor was an eBay purchase I picked up about a decade ago and have only just gotten around to painting. It wasn't even close to being near the top of my painting queue, but I decided to paint something that wasn't on the list simply because I felt like painting it.
I was originally planning to paint it in Death's Heads colours and add it to my Traitor Legio Mortis Maniple Battlegroup Infidel, but in the end decided that I'd probably get more use out of it by painting it up in Ignatum colours, and only having two warhounds in Infidel.

It is armed with the fairly standard warhound weapon load-out of a plasma blastgun and turbo laser destructor. This lets me field it alongside my Death Blades in most games of Epic Armageddon, and all NetEpic games.

Due to the fact that my traitor titans are having a fairly over the top amount of battle damage and corrosion painted on them (like these warhounds), I have kept my Fire Wasp titans old but clean looking, trying to make them look like they have been around for a long time, but are well maintained compared to their Death's Heads opponents. Brown ink is my friend here! I mixed my own gold for the trim too, by adding red and yellow to silver paint, to take away some of the metallic sheen and make it appear dulled by age. That was the plan anyway. I think it kind of worked, though it can be hard to tell from photos.

I deliberately didn't put any banners on Praedetor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted it's weapons to be able to be added to the Wrathchild's carapace mount if I felt the need. They are held on with magnets so I have a fair bit of flexibility there.
Also I thought kill banners might look a little big on this model, perhaps making it look even smaller.
I also reasoned that it is a scout titan, so would be in the thick of it, so probably wouldn't have banners hanging off it as it stalked around ruined cities looking for it's prey.
And last but not least, I was a little worried that my magnets mightn't be able to hold the weapons horizontally if they had some extra weight on the end of the barrel, even if it wasn't very much. The magnets that I have in there (3mm discs) only just hold the weapons horizontally as they are, the extra weight would have meant a fairly choppy and time consuming upgrade.
So the banners stayed back at base for now.

I think Praedetor will be a pretty handy addition to the 9th Necromundan grey horde, adding in a splash of colour and a bit of fast moving firepower that the army doesn't really have a lot of at the moment.
I'm quite looking forward to giving it a run!

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