Sunday, 10 April 2016

Here comes Denmark!

Another "Stats when I'm bored" challenge, and look who the big movers are!

So in the last month some of you actually visited my blog. I decided to check my stats again and see where the stampede of traffic has been coming from. I then normalised this by capita to see who likes poorly written commentary on blurry pictures the most. Or comes here by accident when looking for Rob Zombie lyrics.

First place, yet again, is Ireland! Can nothing stop those crazy clicking machines? With a whopping one click on my blog per 120,340 people last month, the Irish have been surfing up a storm again. So thanks to you both!

But the big mover, and challenging the Irish for their dubious crown, are the Danes! Denmark come in at one click per 184,105 people, clearly moving in on the Irish just like they did circa 800AD. History is repeating itself yet again, through the dubious link that is me.

And rounding out the top three, from across the dutch, are the countrymen Australia like to try and claim as their own when they do something better than us, the New Zealanders. These guys rack up one click per 218,890, so appear to have a little work to do. However if you think about it, probably half on New Zealand's population lives elsewhere, so they might actually be punching more above their weight than they seem to be. Go you kiwi's Go!

And the most shocking stat of all... England beat Australia! The pommies rack up one click per 353,639 people, while the Aussies only managed one measly click per 414,650 people. That's right everyone, I need to click on my own blog more, otherwise I'll be forced to set fire to my computer and put the melted plastic remains in a fragile little urn.

The septic tanks actually topped the number of clicks per country with 185 (go Team USA go!), but the poms are only two behind on 183! "Holy shit! What a close finish!" you might say. I certainly didn't. Unfortunately the are 257 million more people in the States than in the UK, so that drags their normalised score down to one click per 1.7 million people. I won't be trying to encourage them to reduce their population however, as most of the world seems to be trying to do that at times. Including themselves. Just to put the stat it into context, that's like the kiwis clicking on this blog twice, or perhaps three times if something shit is on the telly. Assuming they are all at home of course, and not off winning a sport event or something.

So thanks for reading my blog, I shall have a beer in honour of every single one of you tonight!

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