Thursday, 7 April 2016

Epic Destroyers

The Death Guard were one of the legions that utilised destroyers as a regular part of their modus operandi. Armed with rad and phosphex weaponry, and utilising jump packs to quickly close with the enemy, the destroyers provided a hard hitting rapid infantry strike force.
The force seen here is being led by a legion chaplain, further boosting their combat ability and providing a valuable benefit to the morale of the already stalwart members of the formation.

I have a total of eight bases of destroyers/assault marines in a mix of MKIII and MKIV power armour that I've painted up for my Death Guard force. I mixed the units up a little, so that the bases can count as either if I need them to. The unit above, is more destroyer looking, and has a rad missile launcher on each base, with predominately single jet backpacks. While the one below doesn't have the missile launchers, it is still made up of predominately destroyer models. It mostly has the twin jet jump packs, and a couple of models armed with chainswords, so can pass as an assault marine formation if I want to save some points.

There is also a character model up the back in MKIII armour armed with a power fist, who can count as a champion, chaplain, praetor or similar. Like other characters in the army he is on a magnetised base so can be added to different stands in the army as required. The chaplain model in the image above is another example of a character model that I have done up for the army.

Below you can see the back of the single jet back packs that I have painted blue to match the 28mm models that I have (shown below), and add a bit of a spot colour to add some variety to the unit.

On the battlefield I am planning to use these models as a rapid strike force. I will mostly have them transported in a thunderhawk or pair of storm eagles to strike deep into the enemy territory, and threaten things up the back of the enemy army, giving the Death Guard some much needed mobility.
It also seems fitting for the jump pack equipped marines to be dropping out of flying transports to hit things hard.

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