Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Battle Report, of sorts...

I managed to get an intro game of Epic Armageddon in on the weekend. It was a small 1,000 point "Mini-geddon" battle, done to introduce a new player to the game.

Spoiler Alert: It was fun!

In the image above you can see my blurry predators in the foreground ineffectively trying to cover my loyal tactical Death Guard formation, who are bravely hiding behind their rhinos while they wonder where all these blast markers came from.
Note the traitor tactical formation engaging them who vastly out-number them, have no blast markers, and are supported by four medusas. A bad day for the former Dusk Raiders!

Small games are fairly brutal, and a great way to learn the rules. But they are also a great way to refine some tactics, and try out some things that you haven't tried before. We only had four detachments each so decisions about what and where each should be acting were quite important.

We also had limited the armies so that we weren't using too many special rules, just a selection.

Another thing that I realised is that I probably should document some of my games. Not because they are full of tactical brilliance (on my part at least) but because they look nice, and it's fun to look at pictures of games in action.
I will be playing more games of Epic Armageddon 30k, so hopefully I will remember to take some notes and some photos. Some of them might even be in focus!

So in a round about way I am saying bigger isn't always better, and it can be fun to play small games sometimes. Have at it!

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