Monday, 25 April 2016

Epic Armageddon 30k Quartermaster Files

One of the unfortunate requirements of my job is to spend lots of time sitting in airplane seats. Over time I've been able to write some Quartermaster files for some of the 30k Epic Armageddon army lists that are on the Epic Au site (here).

For those of you who don't know, Quartermaster is an App that allows you to create army lists on yout iDevice. It can be downloaded from the app store, with more info about it here.

I have written these quartermaster files and added them to my google drive. If you want to use them in Quartermaster you will need to download them and add them to your iPhone/iPad. I haven't found a way to attach them to allow you to click on them and open them in Quartermaster directly from your iDevice. If someone knows a way to do this then please let me know!

After you have installed Quartermaster you can add these files:

Edit:Note that the files that I am working on have been added to the Quartermaster site. You can now directly download them to your iDevice, rather than muck around with downloading them from my google drive and then transferring them to your device.
The link to the Quartermaster Epic Armageddon Horus Heresy files is here.

System File
This is the file that you will need to install before you install the army lists. It contains the info on the army structure that has been set up in quartermaster, as well as the default settings for stats when you create new units.
When you add new army lists to your device it will add the army list name to the system file, so it knows which list is associated with which file.

Legiones Astartes
Currently this list contains the default legion units, plus all of the traitor special formations and units. Including the primarchs! I'll add the loyalist units in a couple of weeks and update this when I do.

Legio Titanicus
This is the current titans list. It can be used for stand alone armies, or as titan legion allies. One of the great things about the 30k version of epic is that it uses other lists for allies, rather than build them into the main list. This means that lists are quite flexible when compared to 40k EA lists.

Mechanicum Taghmata
The current list based on the wiki. I believe this list is still being developed so may change a bit over time.

Imperial Militia
The current list from the wiki. It has provenences built in to it, but I have just said that they add +1 to a unit stat (or whatever) rather than write three stat lines for each unit, which would have worn very thin very fast. I might make it a bit tidier over time, but for now it is usable.

Download them and add them to your Quartermaster app for trouble free army building for 30k armies.

They are still a work in progress, but I'll update this post from time to time to keep them up to date.

Have at it!

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