Monday, 9 January 2017

Eldar Tempests

An Eldar Xenos superheavy class grav tank sighted on the Imperial Prison Colony world of Neu Diemenslandt. While no engagements have taken place with the Eldar to date, the presence of superheavy vehicles indicates that there is a high probability of a significant battle soon.

These are the old Eldar Tempest superheavy tanks from the nineties. I never owned any when they came out, and picked these ones up fairly recently and added them to my Saim-Hann eldar force.
They are not as large as the more recent eldar superheavies, but will do a fine job for me representing the Eldar Scorpion, a three damage capacity twin pulse laser superheavy grav tank the Eldar commonly field.
I painted these three in my standard Eldar scheme, complete with glowy jets and exhaust vents at the back.
I particularly like the styling of the turrets on these tanks. They share similar features to the old Eldar farseer model's head, and the warlock titan's head.

I have put magnets on the base of the tanks, so I can mount them on round bases like I have here. I only have one of the 50mm mdf bases shown in the middle here, but will eventually have them all on the larger bases when I purchase some more. This will help to distinguish them from the other grav tanks in the army, and give them a bit more presence.
I have attached the turrets with magnets, to keep them removable. This enables me to put old wave serpent turrets on the top, so I can use the tanks to represent Storm Serpents.
So these will be pretty handy models in my Saim-Hann force.

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