Friday, 20 January 2017


Eldar falcon grav tanks secure an imperial building.

I've had these old falcon tanks since they were first released as an expansion of the first Space Marine game. Back then, the Eldar had Avenging Warriors, Swooping Hawks, Falcons and Titans. Later on they got more kit as Epic continued to expand.
I painted them up in my current Eldar scheme, which was actually fairly quick to do.I added a little magnet to the bottom of the tanks, so I can add them to 40mm round bases (I'm out at the moment and only have four in total for this army).

I painted the jets up in a bit of a glowy blue scheme. It helps to cover up the lack of detail on the back of the old plastics.

The falcons are a pretty good unit, having a reasonable amount of anti tank, as well as the ability to transport troops and hide behind terrain and pop up. They are also super fast. The styling is quite different to the current aesthetic, but I'm not too bothered. 

And one of the good things about these old tanks is that I have plenty of them. These 21 should be more than I'll ever need!

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