Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Revenants Walk

Pict capture of a xenos war engine recently sighted on the Imperial Prison Colony world of Neu Diemenslandt. Until recently there has been no documented xenos activity in the war zone, however the sighting of the war engine indicates that a significant force is likely to be present in system. When or how they arrived remains unknown, as does their force disposition and objectives.

This engine is one of the smaller titan class engines utilised by the Eldar, and is often associated with heavily armed, rapidly moving strike forces that are able to play havoc with slower moving imperial forces. This particular titan is armed with twin pulse lasers, representing a significant threat to superheavy class vehicles and titans. As no contact has been made by the Eldar it is unknown what their objectives are in this war zone, however it is highly probable that they will be a high level threat to both Imperial and traitor forces.
I'm not sure exactly how long this model has been in storage waiting to be painted, but it is certainly great to have it done!

I somehow ended up with one of my revenants in storage at one end of the country, and this one at the other end. One of the problems with moving house so often is that I had caches of models scattered all over the place. Happily this is now pretty much coming to an end. So old models like this revenant can be painted up, and added to the other one that I have at long last.
The scheme is my fairly straightforward Saim-Hann one, of a bone base, with plenty of red, white, and green gems. I also throw in a blue spot colour on my Saim-Hann models to add a bit more variety. Below you can just see the blue Revenant jump pack vents.
As part of my epic Saim-Hann army this model is one of my growing number of old lead and plastic eldar collection that is being re-painted into a more current scheme. My older models back in the day had silver guns, black ink everywhere, and enthusiastic freehand. I like the bone weapons and bits on this more up to date scheme, as it suits the background better, and creates a nice contrast to the industrial imperial models I've been doing.
Revenants are often fielded in pairs (the only exception I can think of is in the Epic Armageddon Eldar Titan Legion list) so it is essential that I have two of them to be able to use them. Luckily I do now, so after twenty or so years, the Revenants are back in the game!
Happy hunting!

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