Saturday, 5 December 2015

Behold! The Wrathchild!

A Goth Class Reaver Titan with a particularly aggressive machine spirit, the Wrathchild is treated with suspicion, and on occasion hostility, by the tech priests that maintain it, having earned a reputation of having a vicious and uncontrollable nature. However in the eyes of the Necromundan gangers it fights alongside, who have similar traits, the Wrathchild is respected and awed above all other titans in the battlegroup.
I painted this old metal reaver up a while ago, but never got around to posting any pictures of it here. When I was working out what to do to support my largely infantry based Epic guardsmen I decided a titan would be the way to go. My guardsmen are based on the John Blanche artwork in the old Rogue Trader Compendium, that appeared on the box cover of the plastic guardsmen model box at the time.
In the background of the picture is a titan, with the text describing it as being from the Fire Wasps Legion (known these days as Legio Ignatum). So I decided to paint the reaver up in Ignatum colours.

The banner above is in the current style, displaying the heraldry that is described in recent publications. The Ignatum are based on Mars, so I added it's home planet name to the banner.

The banners themselves are made of a thick foil, and have been attached to paperclips that were fitted in holes drilled with a pin vice. A fairly dodgy fire wasps logo was then painted on in freehand. It needs some detailed work to tidy it up, but I didn't have a good enough brush with me at the time to do it. I've left the lower parts of the weapon banners blank so I can add kill markings as it racks them up. I will also add other battle honors at it accumulates them.
In the older background reavers are described as having a left facing battle axe painted on them somewhere low down, to assist the ground troops fighting alongside them in identifying the class of titan if they can't see all of it. I gave a nod to this by adding one to the reverse side of it's main banner.
Another reason I chose Ignatum is that they are the rivals of Legio Mortis, which is my traitor titan force. So I'm looking forward to getting a few games in against them to fuel the rivalry.

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