Saturday, 19 December 2015

Epic Cybernetica

I've had these old Epic Colossus robots painted for quite a while now, but never got around to adding them in to any of my armies.
After rediscovering my old titans in storage I decided to paint them as an addition to my Legio Mortis force.

Unlike other models of similar size, I have mounted these on the thicker GW 25mm round bases. I did this so that they would fit in well with the titans, who are all (or going to be) based on similar thickness bases. 

I painted the robots up in a dark red scheme as it is "Mechanicum looking", and is one of the contrasting colours that I'm using on my titans. I also added some black and white cheques to the siege hammers, and blue contrasting lights. These colours will also be used on the titans, so the overall force should look pretty uniform.

I painted up all 14 of the robots which I had. Unit size for Castellax Battle Automata (which is the closest fit) is 5 in the Horus Heresy list so I can run two units. NetEA lists run units of either 4 or 8 depending on the list being used. NetEpic runs units of 5 robots I think. I wouldn't mind getting a couple more some day, but it really isn't a high priority.
Perhaps one day I will develop a full blown Mechanicum army, in which case these colours won't look out of place either. There are some nice models being produced at the moment, infantry, knights, super heavies, and all sorts of vehicles, so I imagine that over time I will pick some up and add to the collection. But for now these should prove to be a handy addition to my Titan force, Battlegroup Infidel.

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