Saturday, 19 December 2015

Legio Mortis Reinforcements

So after about a decade in storage I cracked open my old Space Marine box. It felt like Christmas had come early! Inside I found all sorts of metal and plastic treasures, including a little box of chaos titan bits; and look what was in there!

The warlord titan Odium Aeternum (Eternal Hatred),
a reaver titan Bellator Deus (Warrior God),
a reaver titan Immitis Rex (Merciless King),
a warhound titan Ferrum Venator (Iron Hunter),
a warhound titan Plaga Canem (Plague Hound),
and a warhound titan Typhonicus Morte (Violent Death).
(as anyone who has schooling in Latin can plainly see, I don't!).

The following weapons were in there too.
Battle titans:
Melta Cannon
Plasma Destructor
2x Plasma Cannons (plastic)
Quake Cannon
Apocalypse Launcher (plastic)
Chain Fist (plastic)
Apocalypse Launcher (metal)
Chain Fist (metal)
Reaver Devotional Banner (possibly counting as a carapace landing pad as it takes up a carapace weapon slot)
2x Plasma Cannons (metal)
Power Fist (metal)

Scout Titans:
Plasma Cannon
Vulcan Megabolter
2x Inferno Guns
2x Turbolasers

The metal plasma weapons from the reavers are the same as the scout ones so I have three of them in total. I also have the big-arse nurgle flag that I hand drew back in the day to use as an inspiring banner, complete with a Legio Ignatum Warlord head on top! I will magnetise all of the weapon mounts and weapons (like I did on The Wrathchild here), so that I can mix and match freely.
The painted titans are in my old version of Legio Mortis colours. These days the artwork and Forgeworld models have a bit more metallic and white on them (chequers and stripes), so I will give them a spruce up to match the contemporary scheme, while remembering that I will use them in 40k era games as well as 30k (so they won't look too shiny and new, as I doubt anyone has bothered to give them a polish or apply any touch-up paint since they breached the Emperors Palace wall). I might need to magnetise some tails for the battle titans, as well as come up with some more chaosified weapons.

But in addition to opening dusty old boxes I have also been mucking around in Quartermaster, and have created some Epic Armageddon gaming system and army list files to play with. Here is a Quartermaster output of an example army I did up from the Horus Heresy Titan Legions List for Epic Armageddon (based on the excellent work being done on EpicAU here).

Legio Mortis Battlegroup Infidel
4,000 points

Odium Aeternum (Warlord Titan) [725]
+ Warlord Titan
  + Plasma Destructor [75]
  + Plasma Cannon [25]
  + Plasma Cannon [25]
  + Plasma Cannon [25]
  + Carapace Multilasers [50]
+ Legate [50]
= 975
Bellator Deus (Reaver Titan) [575]
+ Reaver Titan
  + Close Combat Weapon [25]
  + Close Combat Weapon [25]
  + Melta Cannon [50]
  + Sacred Icon [50]
  + Carapace Multilasers [50]
= 775
Immitis Rex (Reaver Titan) [575]
+ Reaver Titan
  + Carapace Landing Pad
  + Apocalypse Missile Launcher [25]
  + Quake Cannon [75]
  + Carapace Multilasers [50]
= 725
Ferrum Venator and Plaga Canem (Warhound Scout Titan Pack) [500]
+ 2× Warhound Scout Titan
  + 2× Plasma Blastgun
  + 2× Turbolaser Destructor [50]
+ Veteran Princeps [25]
= 575
Typhonicus Morte (Warhound Titan) [275]
+ Warhound Scout Titan
  + Inferno Gun
  + Vulcan Megabolter
= 275

Castellax Maniple
= 225
Castellax Maniple
= 225

Primaris Lightning Wing
= 225

8 activations (two of which are relatively easy to remove) and a warlord as BTS. 
8 activations (two of which are relatively easy to remove, and a warlord titan (who is the army warlord) as the BTS.
The plan is for the Immitis Rex to act as a blitz guard, and with it's indirect fire ability is a fairly potent artillery formation (3BP Distrupt at 120cm range and a 3BP Macro at 180cm range). If I had another quake cannon it would be even better, but good commanders just make use of the tools they have available (while scouring eBay!). 
Bellator Deus (the close combat reaver) and Odium Aeternum (the warlord) can advance and bully the centre of the table, controlling objectives (I'll place the two objectives in the opponents table half quite close to the middle of the table with this in mind) and act as area denial units. Bellator Deus will just engage whatever comes into range, and should have a pretty good chance of killing anything it touches with it's dual close combat weapons (+6 TKD3 attacks hitting on 3's!) plus the Melta Cannon's small arms (+1 TKD6) attack. I may swap the melta cannon from the reaver and a plasma cannon on the warlord to give Odium Aeternum a bit more oomph in a firefight. 
The warhounds can either support this push, flank the opponent to help flush them towards Bellator Deus, or act as a mobile reserve, and later on attempt to sieze the opponents blitz objective if Bellator Deus gets tied up, breaks or falls.  If I'm placing two objectives in the middle of the table, then my opponent is probably placing two of them well away from the middle, so I may concede one and use the warhounds to pressure the other.
The castellax are pretty resilient (as they are vehicles and therefore immune to AP fire) and can help to screen the battle titans from thunderhawks and similar, and there is a limited amount of air support from the lightnings to go on air patrol, place blast markers and prep for engagements.

I really am looking forward to getting stuck in and painting these up, and have been for some time! My single Legio Ignatum reaver is about to look very outnumbered!

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