Thursday, 17 December 2015

Epic Legion Tactical Detachment with Praetor.

A Death Guard Legion Tactical Detachment deployed ready to engage. This formation is led by a Praetor, and is further supported by heavy support squads. Note that while the formations individual squad sizes are smaller than standard (a result of battlefield attrition), the formation remains fully combat effective due to the proficiency and resilience of the Death Guard Legionnaires.
This is the first of two tactical detachments I am planning on painting for my Death Guard army. I will be able to use it in both 30k and 40k games of Epic. It is based on a tactical detachment from the 30k rule set (available here) and has three heavy support units attached (two missile launcher and one heavy bolter). The formation contains a praetor on a magnetic base, that can be removed and replaced with other characters as desired. I put three infantry models per base to represent the fact that the Death Guard are resilient and remain combat effective as they take losses.
Here you can see tactical units and the formation command stand containing the Praetor (magnetised). I added a legion vexilla to a power fist sergeant to represent the Praetor. I refrained from using vexilla on other models in the army to represent the Death Guard's tendency to shun the use of legion honor markings and the like.
From left to right are two Missile Launcher units, a Heavy Bolter unit, an Apothecary, and two Tacticals.
I put the apothecary on a magnet too, and made up a smaller character base for games of NetEpic (where characters are separate stands rather than an upgrade to another unit). Currently there aren't rules for Apothecaries (Primus Medicae) in Epic Armageddon, so he can represent a champion, librarian, or chaplain. 

I have added enough rhinos to transport the entire formation. These are the old plastic ones from Space Marine, but still look good to me. They are fine for 30k Legions and traitor 40k games, and mirror my 28mm rhinos I have.
I plan to add some more detailed unit markings down the track. I have some old home-printed Death Guard transfers in storage that I may add to these (if I have any small enough).
I deliberately left them fairly uniform looking, as I wanted them to represent utilitarian, almost disposable vehicles that the legion would use.

Future plans are to add other, heavier, transport options to the army that can be added to formations like this. 

But for now the formation is ready to fight. Bring on the loyalists!

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