Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vehicle Damage Markers

Continuing my theme of wargaming aids made from things you shove in your ear I came up with some vehicle damage markers for epic games.

The humble cotton bud, when teased out a little, and rolled in pva glue, and painted looks a little like a torrent of flame erupting from some poor, unsuspecting super heavy vehicle.
Having suffered the indignity of being marked with second rate counters, the  Macharius crew decided to quit the field.
I based mine on a little plastic circle I picked up from somewhere. I left a bit of the plastic rod inside, and glued it to the base. Then teased it out a little, and painted it up. I was hoping to make them bigger and more imposing looking, but I might do that down the track by adding some clump foliage to it and painting it a nice smoky grey, with red underneath for a dramatic glow effect.

But for now they will do. I have a game tonight with a few super heavies in it, so will try them out.

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